Space Plumber EP

by Plunger

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released August 28, 2014

Kris Calabio - drums, vocals
Mark Calabio - bass, vocals

Additional vocals by Iggy and Mandy

Engineered, mixed, and mastered by Ignacio Hernandez
Recorded and mixed at KSDT




Plunger Los Angeles, California

doom poop from the Calabio twins

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Track Name: Blerg Rush
it looks like the ground there's alive
I've found my solace in this bunker
one by one, we torch the little buggers
don't need no medic to keep me alive

two by two by two, four hundred fast approaches
and the creep starts creeping in
overhead, overlords fill the skies
and I'm feeling kind of glum, yeah
Track Name: Toxic Wrap
watering the gloom
to battle against the bell flowers
from a stone came the vile plume
it was frowning for its final hours

rings the victory bell
in case you couldn't tell
toxic, it doubles

wrapped enclosed
sniff the odor
snapping bones
Track Name: Space Plumber
don't need a cape to fly around
for a star I've fallen under
into a blackhole
the way of my demise
I'm not afraid
but I'm running out of lives

again and again and again and again and again and again, I fall
you'd think I'd learned from last time...
you'd think I'd learned

don't need a cape to fly around
don't need a cape to fly
don't need a cape
you'd think I'd learned
Track Name: Sleep
Stay with me, and I will show you what is right
All you have to do is sleep with me tonight
I know you want it
I know you need it

Be with me, and we will fix it up all tight
No more lonely, apathetic shit for us tonight
You know we want it
You know we need it

Sleep with me, and we will blame it on the night
No one's hurt; everybody is alright
Track Name: Plunger
I am a fly
I am a hole in the sky
Why do we die, why do we die?

Why do we fly?
Why do we plunge to the sky?
I am alive, I am alive